3D Camera Control for Maya

Designed By Visual Effects Artists For Visual Effects Artists

3d Camera Control is a division of Wylie Visual Effects that’s dedicated to advancing technology and what’s possible for filmmakers worldwide.


Move and position your Apple® or Android® device in any direction, watch your Maya® scene camera move in real-time. Hit record and capture new and complex camera movement, all from the palm of your hands. Compatible with 2018, 2019 and 2020 versions of Maya®. Download the Maya plugin on the Wylie Cam page. Click the link below.


Vislab is a professional filmmaking 3d visualization tool, users can transfer their 3d geometry and animation files to the app via iTunes File Transfer, users can then create and record camera moves, change aspect ratios and interact with their 3d scene or 3d animation using their iOS device & augmented reality. For best results use iPad Pro or latest iPhone.