How Tos

How to install Wylie Cam 2.0.5 plug-in in Autodesk® Maya® software

CameraControlMaya is provided as a Python Maya® Plug-in.

Please follow these steps for proper installation:

1. Unzip the archive, you can download it from

2. Copy the contents of the archive: a folder named CameraControlMaya and a file named

3. Paste them in one of the following directories, depending on your operating system.

If the plug-ins folder doesn’t exist, create it:

Windows: \Users\<username>\Documents\maya\<version>\plug-ins\


Linux: $HOME/maya/<version>/plug-ins/

Note for MacOS users: If you can’t find the Library folder, it’s probably hidden. You can use Cmd+Shift+. to show hidden files.

4. Open Maya, go to menu Windows > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager and make sure is loaded.

It’s that simple!

You should have a new shelf from Wylie Cam ready to be used. If you prefer it, you can add the plug-in folder path to the MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH environment variable.